• Strategy Planning and Execution

Course Objectives
Enhance the sense of strategic management
Clarify the basic concepts of strategic management
Corporate management environment analysis and competition analysis
Learn how to foster competitive advantages and work out competitive strategies
Organizing, implementation and control of corporate strategic management


Program Outline
Module 1: Overview of Strategy
Origin of strategic management aiming at market competition
Different perceptions towards strategic management
The role and function of strategic management
Essentials for achieving successful corporate strategies

Module 2: Environment Analysis for Strategic Management
A rough idea about external environment analysis
Industrial internal analysis
Internal condition analysis
SWOT approach

Module 3 Competing Advantages in Core Competence and Competing Strategies
Principles of the core competence and how to make it stronger
Establishment and maintenance of competing advantages
Competition strategies

Module 4: Strategies for Further Growth
Identify the situation of the corporate and its choice of strategic trends
Choice of corporate growth strategy
Integration Strategy
Merge and acquisition

Module 5: Strategy implementation—Organizing action & Staffing and Directing
Who implements strategy and what must be done?
How is strategy to be implemented? Organizing for action

Module 6: Evaluation and Control
Evaluation and control in strategic management
Information, Problems, Guidelines and Strategic Incentive Management

Module 7: Target Deployment
Target Deployment according to departments
Target Deployment according to time
Target Deployment according to stages
Application of KPI
Application of BSC

Module 8: Case study and Action Plan


Target Audience
Business professionals with several years of experience in strategic management as well as senior executives in corporate strategic department

2 Days

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