• Leadership in Change Management

Course Objective

 To help students understand the relationship between business transformation and leadership
 To learn the structure of the system for the implementation of business transformation
 To learn transformational leadership behaviors
 To learn the steps of successful transformation

Program outline 
Transformation - the necessity for sustainable development of an enterprise
 The variation trend of modern social environment
 What factors have caused an enterprise to have the motivation of transformation
 Discussion: Your understanding of the relationship between transformation and corporate life curve

The role of cognitive in the transformation
 Leadership follows the transformation
 Leadership is the driving force for transformation
 Differences between management and leadership
 Thoughts on management and leadership
 Management establishes order
 Leadership leads to transformation
 Behaviors of an enterprise with strong management but weak leadership
 Behaviors of an enterprise with strong leadership but weak management
 Demand for corporate leadership in the transformation

Consciousness of transformation
 Thoughts setting barriers to the transformation
 Causes of transformation failure

Target Audience
Executives or middle-level managers confronted with corporate changes as well as professional managers who lead changes within organizations or are responsible to lead large-scale corporate changes


2 Days

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