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Whether those excellent enterprises can be visionary enterprise model with sustainable operation? It took Collins and Porras six years to study this question, and publish the book Built to Last in 1994, in which they offered a positive answer, being that there is no means to establish a great enterprise just by cost cutting, enterprise restructuring or profits pursuing, and those long-standing enterprises are always the ones firmly sticking to their core values.

Collins and Porras have spent six years to study model enterprises outstanding and tested by history in the 20th century, including 18 companies such as IBM, P&G, HP, 3M, GE, SONY, Wal-Mart, and others, and have summarized their common features as below:
●  Enterprises built to last always focus on clock making (establishing organization with sustainable developing), rather than time telling (products relying on great leaders or great thoughts or creativity).
●  Enterprises built to last can always be inclusive, giving consider to purposes and profits, continuity and reforming, and freedom and responsibility at the same time.
●  Enterprises built to last always have clear core value and purposes, according to which they make decisions.

This course will implement the concept of “built to last” into 11 themes, in which top managers will further interact and discuss together, and help them perceive secrets in sustainable developing of “enterprises built to last” through the workshop form.

Target Audience
Top Manager

2 Days

Best of the best
Clock Building, Not Time Telling
More than Profits
Preserve the Core, Stimulate Progress
Big Hairy Audacious Goals
Cult-like Cultures
Try a Lot of Stuff and Keep What Works
Home Grown Management
Good Enough Never Is
The End of the Beginning
Building the Vision

In the A.C. Consulting Why Do People Follow You Series, it will customize courses in accordance with customer’s needs and actual situation on the basis of theories in standard courses, striving to offer to enterprises efficient solutions to cultivate talents in all phases.

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