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The most talented employee will surely create far-reaching influence for the future development of the company. Therefore, only by cultivating these high potential talents with prospecting view, and providing employees with sufficient challenges, returns and proper opportunities, can the company make create real value from them.

Each enterprise has different understanding about the standard to measure high potential employee. But the group usually has the following general features: active energy- the attitude is positive and active; innovation power- with innovation thinking mode, communication ability- sound EQ and communication skills, influence- being good at self-expressing and influencing others, and coaching ability- being the example, coach, mentor, etc.

The course will provide relevant ability cultivation as per the future management role of high potential employee, and help the enterprise its own qualified future management team through systematized cultivation by 6C mode.

By learning the course, you will:

● Master the 6 core abilities necessary to high potential employees
● Create active internal energy and enhance individual and team working enthusiasm and power.
● Master effective communication skill and improve personal and trans-departments communication effects
● Understand the purpose of expression, and promote the influence to leaders with ERS mode
● Create working value by using creative problem solving methods
● Perceive the importance of adaptation, mater methods and tools of facing changing and promote working performance
● Perceive the importance of coaching to team development and lay foundation for future leadership

Program Outline

Module1. Commitment-Positive Energy
 How to create positive energy?
 The secrets of building a continuous drive of motivation
 The sense of win-win in team work

Module 2.Communication
 The three key factors of effective communication
 Communication: put yourself in the others’ shoes
 Build your emotional bank
 the skills of cross-functional communication

Module3. Convince
 The three objectives of presentation
 ERS Model: the specific expression
 How to influence your boss

Module 4.Creativity
 Creation is not equal to innovation
 The impacts of “Model”
 The factors limit creativity
 The process of creative problem solving

Module5. Change
 “Change” is everywhere
 The common reasons that black change
 7 steps for adopting change
 The PDCA approach

Module6. Coaching
 The differences between training and coaching
 The importance of coaching for team
 The three roles of the coach Target Audience

Target Audience
New manager &junior manager within 2 years

2 Days

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