• Winning Communication

Course Objectives
Understand effective communication in organizations
Learn essential skills to conduct effective communications
Define your communication style and extent of your self-exposure
Identify your own proper ways to handle conflict initiatively
Facilitate cross-functional communication to help continuous development of the organization
Improve your performance by establishing favorable relationships

Program Outline
Module 1: Overview of Communication
Definition of communication
Importance of communication
Barriers against communication
Six footstones for successful communication
Avoiding mistakes or lapses that may affect effective communication

Module 2: Communication Styles and Self-exposure
Self-test of communication style
My communication type: tiger, peacock, sheep or owl?
Analysis on self-exposure and feedback matrix
Four types of managers
Distinguishing your communication style from mine and respect differences

Module 3: Factors and Skills that Contribute to Communication
Personal factors that affect communication
“Five in One” listening skills
Persuasive presenting skills
Proper feedback

Module 4: Handling Conflicts
Three major causes for conflict
Five reaction models of conflict management
Providing win-win conflict resolution
Tips for conflict resolution

Module 5: Cross-functional Communication
Identifying your influence domain
Identifying your internal clients
Going beyond your own department:Establishing common target
Developing strategies for cross functional cooperation and communication

Module 6:Build up Interactive Interpersonal Relationships
Self-analysis of your posture in interpersonal communication
Understanding daily interpersonal relationships within the organization
Releasing stress properly: Positive attitude with positive work value
Building up mutual trust and credit
Three principles of establishing favorable interpersonal relationship

Target Audience
Professionals who want to develop their communication skills and establish a process for resolving conflicts so as to build better relationships and create opportunities for mutual gain.

2 Days

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