• Consultative Selling

Course Objectives
Know the difference between traditional and consultative selling strategies
Understand the difference between value-added and added-value
Learn the principles and approaches of consultative selling
Shift the traditional selling paradigms and strategies
Learn the partnering sales model
Learn how to sell to mid-to top level managers
Master how to improve sales profits and customer loyalty


Program Outline
Module1: Changing the Way You Do Business

Common Selling and Consultative Selling
Differences in Practice
Comparison between Common Selling and Consultative Selling in strategy
Exercise: Thinking like a consultant
Improving your profits with a shorter sales cycle
The consultative selling process
Exercise: the consultative selling process

 Module 2: Selling the Profits from Your Products

Adopting a consultative position
Becoming part of the solution
Knowing your own value
Current customer value you can affect
Reverse-engineering your values

Module 3: Positioning Yourself as an Asset Manager
Selling to major accounts
Selling to mid-and top-level managers
Becoming a profit-improver
Presenting proposals as consultative selling questions
Model norm card

Module 4: Competing on Your Value
Specifying critical success factors
Successful cases of these factors
Developing a customer database from industry sources
Developing your own customer database
Getting inside customer operations
Exercise: understand customer operations
Becoming expert in your customers’ operations
Optimizing a customer’s cost-and-revenue mix

Module 5: Proposing Your Competitive Advantage
Building competitive advantage into your solution
The cycling capital principle
The turnover principle
Increasing sales to boost turnover
Decreasing capital to boost turnover
Computing inventory turnover
Calculating return on investment

Module 6: Presenting Your Added Values
Cost-reduction opportunities
Revenue-expansion opportunities
Model cost-benefit analysis
Creating a profit improvement proposal

Module 7: Making Yourself Partnerable
Choosing partners from current customers
The 10 commandments of partnering
Understanding your own consultative make up
Appealing to a yes-sayer
Appealing to a potential no-sayer
Appealing to an influencer

Module 8: Making Your Contributions Invaluable
Recycling initial sales
Controlling the proposal process
Proposal tracking checklist
Building profit improvement teams
The rights of partnership


Target Audience
Salespeople, sales representatives, account executives, sales trainers, sales supervisors and managers, sales consultants and entrepreneurs

2 Days


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