The highly-efficient AC Consulting speech skills course gave me an understanding of the functions of speech, got rid of my fear
and improved my confidence. I learned that I should understand audience with perception while preparing for the presentation to make my speech attractive. I also learned and mastered some effective skills and methods which can make me feel confident during speech, fully and clearly express myself. During the training, I benefited a lot from the practices and the trainer’s feedbacks and help, and my presentation to sales fellows on
the marketing plan was more convincing.


We invited Mr. Daduan Li, the AC Consulting counselor, to provide an innovative workshop for us last year. Before the workshop, Mr. Daduan met us for many times and discussed problems that the participants encountered, and challenges during the business development. He designed the course contents elaborately, which was suitable to actual circumstances, always set off from our real work, and started from the business bottleneck. The workshop was very active, and Mr. Daduan with the great enthusiasm organized the participators in warm discussions and they made an action plan based on the discussion results. After the workshop, Mr. Daduan received feedbacks from many participants, and built a discussion group using We Chat to solve all kinds of bothering innovative problems on innovation. The workshop is not just a training activity for us, but also has significant highlight for our business breakthrough. Thanks the A.C. counselors for their professional and rigorous work attitude.



From all cooperations we have enjoyed with AC Consulting, they are able to prepare the program by pre-course interviews, data and cases collection from participants while the trainers deliver the program connecting to real practice. Thus AC Consulting ensures the down-to-earth content to serve both individual growth and corporate development.                                                                                                                       




My position is between sales and customers, and main responsibility is to coordinate two parties’ resources, implement sales contract for customers, and deliver customers’ feedbacks to sales. I often encounter unexpected incidents, such as production delay due to the failure of the contract standard execution, and get curse rained down on my head by customers, and suffer so much, thinking of quit for several times. The company arranged non-power influence course and I had a lot of thoughts. I learned the guidance skills and know how to sell self opinions effectively to others. I learned to build the trust and harmony partnership in the way of win-win to accordingly influence people with different characters. The course taught me thinking and using some skills to establish and keep active interpersonal relationships, and to create comfortable working atmosphere.



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